Best places to celebrate New Year in Europe 2022

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This year has been very difficult on all of us, the pandemic fear, and stressful routine. We all deserve a much-needed vocation. So are you deciding upon the best places to celebrate the new year? How about taking a trip to a European country? Experience the magic, choose to discover new landscapes, new environments, marvel at the fireworks, and party at the most lively places in Europe this new year 2022. Dance and sing to the rhythm of the city’s music. Countdown the last few minutes of the passing year in the new language. Every European country is special in its way. When you will go, you will experience a unique touch of celebrations in countries which are different from one another. So plan your vacations, book your tickets and hop on the plane to visit the best place to celebrate the new year in Europe 2022.

Barcelona, Spain to celebrate Happy New Year 2022

During the times of the new Year visiting Barcelona is worth it. The most popular events are the midnight Fireworks on the beach. Like other big cities, there are no big fireworks but the small ones play a special part. Barcelona is considered a warm city so you don’t have to worry about snowfall and unbearable cold. You can roam around freely in the streets of Barcelona. The city is known for its nightlife and great parties. Also, you can practice this old Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes before the clock strikes 12. This is very famous to Raisen which is believed to bring good luck if you manage to eat all 12 grapes before Midnight.

Berlin, Germany to celebrate Happy New Year 2022

One of the best cities to spend the new year is in Berlin, basically known for its clubbing. It is said that no one does new Year like Berlin known as the Sylvester. A huge open party is hosted at Brandenburg Gate. At midnight a spectacular firework show is displayed. It is the same as the new Year party hosted in New York Times Square. The party continued throughout the night. If you want to enjoy the views then rooftop parties and clubs are a good choice to enjoy the night. You will be delighted to see brightly lit city lights.

Berlin, Germany New Year wish

Paris, France to celebrate New Year Eve 2022

Paris is the city of romance and lights. If you’re planning on spending the new year with your partner then Paris is the best choice. It gives festive Vibes and celebrations everywhere. In Paris usually, the new year celebrations start with dinners at home by sailing at Seine River. And the best ending to the night is watching a theatre show or Parisian Cabret. The final countdown for the new year happens at Champs Elysées, from the Tuileries Garden up to Arc de Triomphe.

Paris, France happy  ew year

Edinburg, Scotland to celebrate New Year Festival 2022

The famous festival that is held in Edinburg before the new year is the Torchlight procession. This is the event where thousands of Scottish people, tourists, and visitors gather on the Royal Mile with the torches and follow live bands to Holyrood park. on new year’s eve, the city hosts several events the live music in the Princes Street Garden and a ceilidh on the cobbled streets of Edinburg’s old town. Drinking and dancing are what Scottish people are known for so that is march common on new Year’s eve.

Edinburg, Scotland happy new year

London, the UK for New Year celebrations

If you are visiting London this new year then you are at the right place. London is full of life during the time of New Year. The large fireworks on the river Thames are one of the famous things. London Eye and Big Ben are some of the important landmarks that contribute to the show. At Big when the countdown happens and the Fireworks go off from the London Eye. And the best thing about this show is that you can enjoy it from any part of the city. you can see the sparkling Fireworks from anywhere. Another great spot to enjoy the views is the Sky Garden. Many clubs and our host new year celebration parties.

London happy new year

These are the European countries where you can visit with your family and your loved ones to escape The hectic work routine and enjoy the New Year in Europe 2022.

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