Happy New Year In Spanish 2022

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Welcome to the New Year Spain 2022 edition! Today we will be taking a tour around Spain, with me, chanting about their New Year traditions and celebrations. Like any other country, the new year is celebrated with great zeal and zest in Spain. The clock chimes, delicious family dinners are served and the last minutes of the passing year are celebrated. Spanish new year celebrations are rich and full of local cultural traditions. These traditions are spelled to bring wealth and prosperity. Along with this, there are wonderful places and scrumptious foods to devour during the holiday season. The new year festivities go on till your body gives up. There is no limit to the celebrations as long as you call the night off.

New Year in Spain 2022 Traditions

The new year celebrations in Spain may be the same around the globe, like in the United States but the local traditions set it apart from all others. In Spain, the new year comes with a whole lot of superstitions and traditions. The holiday season is ripening fully of hope and opportunities calling good fortune. According to Spanish traditions to welcome the new year starts early in December, around 22nd. The Lottery Luck, the biggest lottery draw in the world. It is associated with superstitions and myths. Some myths say that rubbing the lottery ticket on a pregnant lady’s tummy, on a bald man’s head, or rubbing it on a cat’s back might make you the winner. You never know.

Read carefully! For the ones who are on their quest to find love this new year in Spain 2022, this tradition of wearing red underthings is just right for you. Make sure you ring in the New Year wearing red underwear, as it is said it makes the cupid’s work easier to find you the right match. According to some traditions, luck will only work if the underwear is a gifted plus, you have to give away your festive underwear before the day breaks.

Best Foods To Eat On New Year in Spain 2022 Traditions

The special lunch that is served on New Year is the lentil soup. The Spaniards believe that each black-eyed lentil brings wealth in New Year. It is understood that each round lentil represents a coin and, so, they are eating the soup of coins. Not only do the lentils bring good fortune but also they are good for a hangover.

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The eating of 12 Grapes represents 12 months, swallowing a grape means welcoming luck for a month of the new year. Special seedless grapes are sold for the occasion Before the clock strikes 12 people stuff their mouths with 12 grapes. It’s one hilarious way to start the new year. Along with 12 grapes, people guzzle down the cava and toast for the new year. People drop gold objects in their canvas to bring real fortune to the life. You have to drink the entire glass of cava after the Midnight toast and then retrieve your gold. Different objects are dropped according to the type of luck they want to acquire. New Year’s eve in Spain ends with the traditional hot chocolate and churros. It is their energy booster after all the celebratory dancing and drinking. Delicious!

Best Place To Celebrate Happy New Year In Spanish 2022

Puerta del Sol, the central square in Madrid, is the famous place in Spain to celebrate the new year. You can count down, enter the new year together with your friends and family, and enjoy a shared party afterward. It’s just the start hours and hours of laughter, music, and dancing is ahead waiting for you. You can get carried away by the excitement of the new year in Spain 2022.

Where these traditions bring you opportunities, luck, and hope. One of the best Spanish traditions is to enter the new year on the right foot first. Right after the clock strikes midnight, put your right foot paving the path towards attracting love, fortune, and luck in the coming year.

So, if you plan to spend this new year in Spain 2022, celebrating it like a local fulfilling all the traditions, may the good luck charm work for you. Best Wishes

You Can wish someone a happy new year in Spanish like ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!.

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