Inspirational Valentine Day Quotes

Inspirational Valentine Day Quotes is often used to share feelings and give vent to one’s emotions. Over the years many inspirational authors, poets and celebrities have shared their ideas on the power of true love. Let them lift you up with the right way to express your romantic love! When all had a heart just for you, would walk in the garden for ever. But what if had only a flower for each time you thought of them?

happy valentine day

These inspirational Valentine quotes are there to remind us that no matter how long we may be apart, love is always around us. They are there to make us realize how important love is. So if you happen to miss your sweetie then here are some quotes that can make you remember those that are no more. Some of the best inspirational Valentine quotes are all about love, so feel free to use them around you and especially at the moment you plan to propose.

Inspirational Valentine Day Quotes

“Love is not a flower that can be planted tomorrow. It must be tended to with tenderness and love; perhaps even by our actions. A great chance is there every day to make someone happy. Just take the initiative, take a look at the opportunity and do something great.”

This is a great quote to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend to motivate her to do something nice for you. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate this one. “Happy is the companion of a man” is another great quote which I used a lot to get my girlfriend to cook me dinner, or pay for my taxi ride when I went out somewhere last week.

This is also suitable for men to say to their girlfriends. You can also use “I feel really happy when I’m with you” if you are having a good time together and your girlfriend is feeling really happy about it.

Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes & Messages

Another one of my favorite inspirational quotes is, “There is nothing more beautiful than love.” This is suitable for men who have had a good relationship with their girlfriend and there is still love between them. If you are looking to propose to your girlfriend then I would highly recommend this quote.

But if you are still in love with your girlfriend then I would personally go with “I can’t live without you”. You can also use “I love you” or “I hope you know how much you mean to me”.

These are just a few of my favourite inspirational quotes and I use them all the time. My favourite thing to do when I am feeling sad, lonely or depressed is to read cute quotes and send and reply to all of them. So if you are feeling down, lonely and depressed why not make yourself happy and send some funny valentines day quotes to your girlfriend.

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